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The Egrifta Assist Program

Helping Patients Access Treatment

  • Dedicated regional reimbursement case managers determine if patients' insurance benefits include access to EGRIFTA® and continue to provide assistance throughout the reimbursement process
  • Fulfillment and dispensing are through the EGRIFTA® Secure Distribution Pharmacy Network
    • Prescriptions for EGRIFTA® are sent by the Egrifta Assist to the in-network pharmacy
    • The Egrifta Assist works with the network to monitor prescription refill rate
  • Financial assistance for patients
    • The EGRIFTA® Patient Assistance Program (PAP) helps eligible patients who do not have drug coverage
    • The EGRIFTA® co-pay program offers up to $2,400 a year in savings for eligible patients with commercial insurance

Educating and Supporting Patients Throughout Treatment

  • In-home or in-office reconstitution and administration training provided through a national network of product administration trainers
  • The EGRIFTA® adherence program is designed to help patients stay on their prescribed course of therapy
    • Patients may receive telephone calls from the AXIS Center during treatment to answer questions about EGRIFTA®
    • Product administration trainers may return to a patient's home to reinforce training if needed
  • Patient education and treatment support materials are available to every patient prescribed EGRIFTA®
Product support specialists are available 24/7 toll free at 844-EGRIFTA(347-4382) to assist patients with treatment education and support.

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